Our Solutions

There's Something for Everyone.

With a wide range of solutions, Webglu caters to many business needs. Each of these solutions can be used for your business, and a bespoke version can be created to match your brand identity.

Sometimes a solution meets most of the needs of a client, but it's lacking something important. If this sounds like you, and the solutions below don't quite do everything you require, please get in touch. We always love a challenge, and it's likely that we can develop a unique solution for your business.


Online Booking System

Webglu's Event Booking System. Take the hassle out of your next event. Providing a system to manage bookings for events posted online, which eliminates many of the manual processes you maybe currently doing, and consolidates everything into one safe and secure system. The simple user interface makes it easy for both you and your customers.

Membership Management

Webglu's Membership Management System is here to save you from frustration by consolidating and simplifying. Easily manage your member's information, sign up new members, and provide your members with all the information they need. This solution is perfect for clubs, associations, and societies looking to bring their member together in one online location.

Appointment Management

Webglu's solution provides an easy to use system that manages appointments for facilities or services. So whether you provide weekly appointments for your specialist service, or have a facility that requires renting out, we can provide a bespoke system to manage the bookings.

eCommerce & Sales System

Whatever you sell, Webglu can provide an easy and secure online solution for your business. Our designers and developers create bespoke solutions based on the Webglu Commerce platform that ensure that your online shop will match the identity of your brand.


The complete management system for pubs, nightclubs, and hotels. Incorporating multiple needs of businesses in these sectors, Webglu's HUBglu consolidates many functions into one system. The HUBglu system includes Financial management, fire checks, health & safety checks, incident reporting, mPatrol and much more.


The management system for everyone. Used to manage all of our solutions, this simple system is both functional and effortless. Sitting right on your website, and only accessible by you, the content management system allows you to edit anything that appears on your website. Having trouble making a change? Give us a call and we'd be happy to talk you through the process.

Mobile Site Development

However you want to appear on mobile platforms, Webglu has experience in every technology available today. Our designers and developers have experience with responsive sites, mobile specific sites, and stand-alone applications. Unsure which is the right option for you? Drop us a line, and we'll explain the advantages to each option.